History and background

The Yoga Society Ireland was founded in 1980 by Anne-Marie McGlinchey an inspirational and renowned yoga teacher.  It was officially launched on October 4th 1980 in Navan Co. Meath with Guest of Honour, Vincent Rylance, President of the Yoga Society International.  Other founding members were Con McGlinchey, Treasurer and Ursula Martin Secretary.

Anne-Marie was awarded a fellowship from the Yoga Society International in recognition of her outstanding work in yoga, especially in the area of Teacher Training.

Anne-Marie’s first encounter with yoga began in England in the early 1970’s when she described her first yoga class as a “coming home”.  After training as a yoga teacher with the Yoga Society International, she returned to Ireland and established the Yoga Society Ireland in 1980.

That “homecoming” experience further deepened on meeting Vandana Mataji, many years later, the person who has made the most impact on her work.

Vandana Mataji a native of India, and lecturer at Sophia University in Bombay in the 1960’s worked tirelessly in the field of Indian spirituality and Christianity, giving retreats worldwide on the various pathways to yoga.  She later founded Jeevan Dhara Ashram in the Himalayas.  Vandana brought the whole philosophy of yoga into a living experience for Anne-Marie.  To meet Vandana and experience someone whose roots were steeped in yoga was, for Anne-Marie, an honour and a privilege and her greatest encouragement to continue teaching in the true spirit of yoga.  

Yoga is simple, Anne-Marie says, but sometimes we complicate it ourselves by our own confused thinking around it.  A good teacher is essential and after that discipline, until it becomes part of our way of life.

She emphasises simplicity, a practical down to earth approach with her teaching very much based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  

Anne-Marie’s experience in teaching yoga is extensive ranging from classes, workshops and teacher training to specialised work with cancer recovery patients, children with special needs, yoga and pregnancy, yoga and the less abled bodied and many aspects of yoga and health related issues, including nutrition.

Her background as a primary teacher and kinesiologist has enhanced her work as an educator and communicator. 

Anne-Marie’s most recent development is the opening of Dunree Yoga Centre at Dunree, Buncrana, Inishowen, Co. Donegal where she has returned to her roots, bringing a wealth of experience to this new centre. 


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