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The Yoga Society of Ireland.

Our aim is to make the practice of yoga available in Ireland and this aim was started in 1978 when the Society was founded. It has grown to be one of the largest groups in Ireland, but the group is non-profit and not driven by anything other than the desire to make yoga classes and events available to everyone. The core of the society is a simple approach which fosters physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Classes, Days and Residential Events:

The Yoga Society Ireland offers a range of classes based nationally, yoga days and residential weekends. These are available to anyone to attend once you book a place. All classes are on a first come basis as there are always optimum numbers which we adhere to.
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Yoga Classes

Experience tranquility; visit our yoga classes page for harmonious mind-body rejuvenation.

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Embrace wellbeing; explore our yoga events page for inspiring community gatherings today

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Information Portal

Stay informed; visit our yoga news page for the latest on holistic wellness

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